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  The Give a Beep Program is a result of a horrible day in March when we lost eight of our neighbors in a house fire. The family of some of the victims have joined with us to try and put a stop to any other family having to go through the pain that they have had to endure.

  The goal of this program is to teach our community to be proactive and plan what to do in case of an emergency. We also want to make sure that every household in our district has a working smoke detector installed.


  We have talked with other emergency services, local utility companies, CSX Railroad and just about anyone that can help us educate our community on safety.

  Safety is not just an Emergency Services concern. When you think about it, safety is in most things you do. When you prepare dinner, you keep you fingers out of the way of the knife. When your child plays sports, they were certain protective gear to keep them from getting hurt. As an adult you know not to play with electricity and you teach your child that. You wear a life jacket when you're on the lake, especially if you can't swim.


  And what's one of the first things you teach a child? Look both ways before crossing the street. That's more important now because most of us can't drive anymore. :)

Safety is an every minute, every day concern.

Our website is being developed at this time. We will soon have fire safety information posted here.


The 2016 Give a Beep will be a little different.

  Instead of the one time event, we will be going door to door throughout the summer and fall. With your permission, we will be checking to see if you have a working detector that is less than 10 years old. If you do, GREAT! If you don't, we will be offering a new detector, that we will install. Or maybe you just need a battery. We will have those also.

  We can't cover all of our district in one year. It may take several years before we make it to your doorstep. Soon we will advertise a date that you can call and request us to come to your house and check your detector. Just so you know it's a firefighter from West Knox FD, we will have a fire truck with us and be in a Fire Department uniform or at least a West Knox FD t-shirt.


  We are always taking donations for our Safety Program. 100% of money donated for it, goes to it. No salaries or hidden cost. You can make those donations to the following:

West Knox Fire Rescue
Safety Program
PO Box 1210
Corbin, KY 40702

or drop by the station and Monday night.


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